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Dolomites-World Heritage


In 2009 they were made UNESCO world heritage site for the beauty of their landscapes with their imposing peaks and towers of rock formin a jewel encrusted crown with gems.

The Dolomites, also known as the Pale Mountains, are a group of the Eastern Alp stretching across the provinces of Belluno, Bolzano, Trent, Udine and Pordenone.

Just an hour and a half from Venice. In 2009 they were made UNESCO world heritage site for the beauty of their landscapes with their imposing peaks and towers of rock formin a jewel encrusted crown with gems, such as noble Cortina d’Ampezzo. The Three Peaks of Lavaredo, The Five Towers, The Tofane, the Sella group, to name but a few.


All this is a treasure trove of clear water lakes and magnificent landscapes dominated by the colours of the pine forests, crocus and edelweiss. Mostly protected national parks, the Dolomites are home to many wild animals such as deer, chamois, roe marmot, fox, the golden eagle and moor fowl.

Turn the last bend in the road, a magical picture postcard scene unfolds in all its majestic peace and tranquillity and it immediately becomes obvious that this is a very special natural habitat. These mountains are truly awesome and inspire silence, respect and indeed a certain astonishment.

Many make their discoveries as they enjoy walks through the woods and valleys, other choose these areas for the excitement of the skiing there. Walkers love the peaks and meadows full of flowers, lovers of culture admire the many castles, age old fortresses and museums, sports enthusiasts choose from an almost inexhaustible number or activities from mountain biking and skiing, to golf and Nordic walking and so much more besides. Of course there is something for everyone here and not least the extraordinary taste sensations to delight the palate.

Culture, tradition, fine cuisine, a warm welcome and a massive amount of fun await all to dream by and enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday.


Dusk change the peaks to red thanks to the Enrosadira phenomenon.

The phenomenon is due to the composition of the rocks of the Dolomites and it is particularly visible during summer evenings when the air is particularly clear and the sun drops down into the western horizon. 

The Enrosadira can be significantly different during the various periods of the year and may even vary from day to day. The variations in shade and hue and the length of time it  remains visible are down to the position of the sun during the year as well as atmospheric conditions.

The Enrosadira can be seen throughout the Dolomites; at dawn in particular it can be seen on the eastern facing rocks while in the evening it is the western faces that magically light up with color.   

The Legend of King Laurino

This is the Dolomites most famous legend and has a rather romantic explanation for which the mountains change color, going pink at sunset, the moment the peple of the Dolomites call the   "enrosadira", perhaps in memory of the ancient garden...

The legend of KIng Laurino, a king of dwarfs had a winderful rose garden on the Catinaccio  (in German Rosengarten is of course a rose garden), offering an alternative explanation of the phenomenon.

One day a prince from Latemar was made curious by the sight of the roses and entered the Kingdom belonging to King Laurin and saw his daughter, Ladina, fell in love and took her away to make her his bride. Laurin, desparate at the loss of his daughter, set a curse upon the rose garden which had been guilty of betraying the goegraphical location of his kingdom:no human eye would ever aagain admire the garden, neither by day nor by night. Laurin however forgot to mention the sunset in his curse and to this day the garden and its colors are visible and appreciated. 


The Dolomites have the highest concentration of starred chefs per square kilometer in Italy with twenty seven stars between twenty four chefs.

Some special dishes: Casunziei ampezzani, canederli with speck  or with cheese,  spaetlze, schlachtpaltte with sauerkraut, zelten.

Gastronomy in the Dolomites is a tasty array of flavor, a blend of the Alps and the Mediterranean! It is hard to choose between the local specilaities and the elegant dishes of creative cuisine. The menus in the Dolomite restaurants are varied and satisfy all tastes and palates while gastro weeks allow visitors to discover new flavors and mixes.

Enjoy your meal ... there is a whole mountain of taste and flavor here

The Dolomites Road

The Dolomites Road connects Bolzano to Cortina passing the most breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites, amidst mountains, meadows, woods, villages in a unique blend of culture and nature. As the kilometres roll by, the road unravels its bundle of surprises, always changing the perspectives and views.

Passo Pordoi is one of the foru passes and it is well renowned for its height 2239m and the panorama of Mount Sella, Marmolada, the Val di Fassa and Belluno Dolomites. Here to be seen the beatiful small chapel.

Passo Sella  at 2240m links Val di Fassa with the Val Gardena and sepates the Sassolungo from the Sella

Passo Gardena at 2121m offers great views on Sella and Sassolungo.

Passo Falzarego at 2109m opens into the valley of Cortina with stunning view on the Lagazuoi, Tofane and Cinque Torri

These are the roads of "Giro d'Italia". Whether you travel the Dolomites roads on foot, by car, by bike or bicycle you have to enjoy them. These roads talk about the past and present and  the valleys talk about themselves and recout their stories and legends. 

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