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    Lake Orta is the land of chefs and the tradition of excellent of cuisine is still alive and well there. Each year at Armeno just a few km from Orta there is a meeting of emigrant chefs from the great kitchens of the world. Tales are told of fantastically sumptuous banquets, dishes prepared for Ambassadors, Ministers and Kings. To listen is to hear of a world of dreams, to imagine is to feel the joy of the colour and to taste the flavor of the dishes. The areas surrounding Orta boast production of fine salami sausages and cheeses in the nearby Ossola valleys and the Mottarone and a treat for the palate is the Orta mortadella which is always fresh in the shops producing it in Orta.

  • Top Tips
    • il tapulon from Borgomanero
    • the local cold cuts, fine salami sausages
    • the mortadella ortese
    • the toma mountain cheeses
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    Best restaurants in the area

  • Fantastic Restaurants on Lake Orta:

    • Villa Crespi, 2 stelle a Orta San Giulio (NO). Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo.
    • Al Soriso, 2 Stelle a Soriso (NO), Chef Luisa Marelli Valazza
    • Il Giardinetto, via provinciale (NO). Chef Ezio Primatesta.
    • Ristorante Locanda di Orta, 1 stella, a Orta San Giulio (NO). Chef Fabrizio Tesse
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