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Como Lake

 Dramatically beautiful scenery with steeply majestic mountains plummeting into the lake where picturesque villages and elegant towns attract the jet set and glamour seekers. 

San Siro is a small village on the banks of majestic Lake Como and was created by  the joining of two villages in 2002,  Sant'Abbondio and Santa Maria Rezzonico, which now are districts or "frazioni" of the municipal area, just as Molvedo is. Interesting monuments to be seen there are the Church of Santa Maria which dates from the 15th century, the Castle at Rezzonico, a large 14th century fortification, and the superb Villa Gaeta.The tiny harbour at Santa Maria Rezzonico is wonderfully picturesque and is a perfect testimonial to the former life of its inhabitants, fishermen on one of the most charming, picture postcard lakes in Italy. 

Lake Como

For many Lake Como is the most spectacular lake in northern Italy and if you only have a few days in the area between Milan and Como, one of them should be spent exploring Lake Como. The roads around the lake are twisty and narrow, so ferries are highly recommended for touring the lake. Dramatically beautiful scenery with steeply majestic mountains plummeting into the lake where picturesque villages and elegant towns attract the jet set and glamour seekers. This is a photographer's paradise, Italy's most popular lake and also its deepest. Lake Como is shaped like an inverted Y giving it a long perimeter. There are good hiking paths, boat trips and water activities. Popular since Roman times, Lake Como is a top romantic travel destination much beloved of honeymooners and those wishing to have a very special wedding but it is also a fine destination for business and incentive travel.

The 4 seasons

Lake Como, a land of almost indescribable charm and beauty, a marvelous mix of rolling hills and snowy peaks above crystalline waters, is the place for the elite to take their holidays in typically Italian style.Discover the magic of a cruise aboard the traditional Lake Como boats and the much loved sailing clubs all over the Upper Lario area. And if you are an indefatigable lover of sports you will want to indulge in the adrenalin rush of windsurfing, kite-surfing and water skiing: you may be almost certain to meet up with one of the great champions of sailing while you are taking part in the excitement of these adventurous water sports .

Take to the old-world charm of the oldest Golf Clubs in Europe, corners of  “Old England” which epitomize the great tradition of a sport that is both noble and ancient.

And if riding is your passion, do not miss the fantastic expeditions on horseback that will allow you to discover marvelous views from an entirely different standpoint almost all year round.

About an hour’s drive from Upper Lario, in Valmalenco, there are over 60 km of ski slopes in the Alpe Palù and Caspoggio resorts, just waiting for winter sports enthusiasts. The longest cable car in the world, the ultra-modern Snow Eagle, will take you to 2080 meters above sea level to an impressive terrace dominating the Alps that just is not to be missed. There is snow in Valmalenco from December to April, but sun worshippers will just love the open spaces with comfortable sunbeds and the renowned mountain refuges tempting you to indulge in local specialties. And a little further on Montecampione is a modern holiday resort in the heart of the Val Camonica.And so we come to the glamorous St Moritz. Among the finest ski slopes in the world await with 55 lifts, 350 km of slopes, a snowboard park, 180 km of cross-country skiing and 150 km dedicated to winter walks and hikes. Simply a must!

There are of course many Alpine destinations and mapped-out paths for mountain bike and trekking, in age-old woods and past alpine lakes, the utmost in natural beauty at all times of year. 

Local color

This James Bond Villa is on the shore of Lake Como, in San Siro, surrounded by a beautiful park with paths, benches and a lit fountain. In the spring of 2006, the movie Casino Royale was filmed in front of this villa (the last scene of the movie when Bond shoots and meets Mr. White, and utters the famous words "Bond... James Bond"). The villa is called Villa La Gaeta and can be seen from the road and lake ... or an apartment can be rented there!

Lake Como has always been a a gatthering place for film stars through the decades, whether for business or pleasure, from Robert De Niro to Angelina Jolie and Hilary Swank And certainly thanks to George's illustrious presence, many top divas and footballers such as David beckham have been seen regularly on these shores.


Como’s gourmet delights reflect the unique nature of its land, a magical meeting of lake, plain and mountain.

Fish is naturally the first ingredient that comes to mind and this is superbly prepared by local chefs, masters of their profession, who are passionate about raw materials. These dishes are raised to epicurean levels if accompanied by the fine wines from the Valtellina valleys. Do not miss the marvelous risottos, pâtés, the local “carpione,” an appetising dish for lovers of pickles or the world famous “missoltini”, dried pressed lake fish grilled and served with polenta, which will take you on a unique journey of discovery as you experience new flavors and unforgettable taste sensations.

The rich local polenta, a genuinely natural taste to be enjoyed with snails, noble porcini mushrooms or cheese, from Semuda to the aromatic Quartirolo Lombardo, is greatly appreciated by discerning palates and the salamis and cold meats from Brianza, certified by the coveted DOP mark, are sought after and enjoyed by all lovers of fine food.

Lake Como, a land of a thousand flavors and intense perfumes, where you cannot help but admire the ever-changing menus and gourmet delights, abounds in local produce such as honey and woodland fruits made into fragrant jams, cheese made from both cow's and goat's milk, salamis, sausages, pancetta, and cotechino, a delicious sausage for boiling to warm the soul on winter days. Lake Como too produces oil around Lenno about 13 km. south of San Siro, and both red and white wine,Sorsasso, and chestnut beer are produced in the Domaso area around 8 km north of San Siro.


Stone flagged streets, gorgeous shop fronts with glamorous displays, smart bars and famous pastry shops, all this is no more than a rapid snapshot of downtown Como, “the silk capital” that will delight all lovers of true Italian excellence who come here to promenade.

The exclusive boutiques and the elegant showrooms cannot fail to impress with the finest of all that is Made in Italy. The silk that makes Como world famous is to be admired here in all its many uses.

High fashion, naturally, is one thing but there is also a wealth of art galleries where priceless carpets, magnificent paintings, and porcelain for collectors are testimonials to the finest of Italian arts and quality crafts.

Culture and folklore

Love of their land and their traditions in the provinces of Como and Lecco is to be found in the many local festivals that are celebrated all through the year. From the ancient Carneval of Schignano, in winter, to the costume revivals of Medieval Como, and the characteristic sagra di San Giovanni, the Feast of St. John

The Baradello Palio in  Como, takes its origins from the celebrations of summer 1159, on the triumphal Como visit of the Emperor Federico I of Svevia also known as Barbarossa or Redbeard, his consort Beatrice di Burgundy and their entourage after overwhelming  victory in Milan in 1158.Many sumptuous feasts were organised in their honour with ceremonies and shows of magnificent tournaments and horse races along the lake. Barbarossa's protection was important to the peoples of Como as it ensured their prosperity and safety even while they were subjected to continuous threats from Milan That is why these events still take place today, commemorating historical gratitude during the first two weeks of September each year with typically medieval revivals of ancient habits. 

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