Seriana Valley: the ideal destination for holidays in peace and quiet

Seriana Valley - Castione della Presolana

Orobic Alps
Val Seriana

Snow is guaranteed in winter in Val Seriana, and there are a great many fantastic activities to be enjoyed here. The ski domaine of Presolana Monte Pora has slopes that are ideal both for beginners and the more expert.

In the valley called Val Seriana, in the province of Bergamo, in the heart of the beautiful Orobiche prealpine mountains, Castione della Presolana is easily reached from from Milan, Bergamo and Lake Iseo. Its rather otherworldly atmosphere made of softly sloping, green pastures, clean air and cool summer retreats is also quite majestic due to the Dolomitic origin of the mountains there. In the winter the bright white snowy landscapes are muffled and silent, a complete rest from urban life.

Thanks to the fortuitous position at just 1000 meters above sea level, Castione della Presolana is the ideal destination for holidays in peace and quiet and total relaxation, with plenty to do too due to its proximity to important centers such as the great city of Milan, the nearby lakes and neighbouring valleys.


Moscato di Scanzo: The Muscat wine from Scanzo is today one of the smallest DOCG's in Italy, the one and only in the province of Bergamo, ranking fifth in the whole of the vast region of Lombardy. An extremely fine wine, it is known as the “wine of the gods” and is the only muscat passito made with red grapes, obtained from an autoctonous vine cultivated in an area of just 31 hectares. Due to the limited production, it is a fascinating niche product, unique and much sought after by passionate wine lovers. Considered to be a nectar worthy of fine forms of meditation, the classic pairing of this wines is with blue cheeses and sweet biscuits, and it is tipped to be perfect with some dark chocolate too.

Since 2006 ogni every September there is the Festa del Moscato di Scanzo at Rosciate (BG) where local products can be tasted. Producers on the Strada del Moscato. The Muscat Road, offer their wares for tasting as well as other wines, honey and oil from the hills around Scanzo.

The food in Val Seriana is hearty and tasty, offering golden, steaming hot polenta and local cheese or game, called Val Seriana but we suggest seeking out the local cold meats and salamis, a ham matured in mountain hay and a special salami made from the meat of pigs butchered pretty much on the spot, nothing could be fresher than that!  

The 4 seasons

Snow is guaranteed in winter in Val Seriana, and there are a great many fantastic activities to be enjoyed here. The ski domaine of Presolana Monte Pora has slopes that are ideal both for beginners and the more expert, cross country skiers will be enchanted by the wonderful cricuits in both Val Seriana and Val di Scalve: kilometers that are great for professionals as well as amateurs who are up for e long treks through gorgoeous winter wonderland scenery.

In the hamlet of Valbondione, half an hour from Castione della Presolana, is home to the Ice Rally. Hire a a road or competition vehicle and enjoy the thrills. For lovers of ice- skating, the well-equipped Schilpario rink is perfect, ideal for international competition level, too, so there is literally comething for everyone here.

If on the other hand your idea of heaven is biking or you are a skier out for new sensations, then the thrills are just waiting for you. There is something called “snow” a brand new, entirely Italian discipline, kind of a halfway house between motorbike and snowboard. Handlebar steering, upright standing position, your feet are on pedals, and off you go. It is easily learnt by all.

In summer, the green green pastures and open spaces of Castion della Presolana are the picturesque scene for long walks and open air activity for all ages, Bike Park is a must for the kids, archery could be your new hobby, summer bob sleighing will provide excitement for all who climb aboard.

Castione della Presolan is the ideal starting point for mountain treks, onwards and upwards to the mountain refuges on mountain bikes or horseback, as well as thrills with hangliding and rockclimbing for those with a head for heights ….

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