Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina is a truly chic destination, one of the international jet set’s greatest loves simply because it is so very beautiful. 

So much to do so much to choose from, because the variety of exciting activities that can be organized in Cortina is practically infinite.ery beautiful. 


Cortina d'Ampezzo is made up of six contradas, called sestieri: Alverà, Azzon, Cadin, Chiave, Cortina, Zuel.

Cortina is a truly chic destination, one of the international jet set’s greatest loves simply because it is so very beautiful. 

The 4 seasons

Stunning settings and the ancient tradition of a warm welcome. Cortina is a great vacation opportunity for those visiting: from the long walks in the open air to the top in winter sports activities.

This is a cult destination for snow lovers: ski slopes, winters sports and also a great place for anyone seeking total rest and relaxation in the heart of totally unspoilt nature far from frenetic urban lifestyles. Over 100 kilometers of slopes, meadows and woods, the "Queen of the Dolomites" is certainly ideal for lovers of sport and mountain life.

In summer too Cortina d'Ampezzo loses none of its appeal and is a hot holiday spot for VIPs and discerning travelers: walking, hiking, trekking, sunbathing at altitude or outdoor sports are top of the list here in summer.

Winter Sports activities: skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing, off-piste skiing, heliski, ski safari, kite ski, snow shoes (by night too), skating, curling, tobogganing, go-karting on snow, motor sleds, hockey, polo, candlelight descents on skis.

Summer Sports activities: walking and hiking, trekking, climbing, vie ferrate, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, tennis, golf.

Local color

Cortina: unique experiences, unrepeatable and unimaginable. Simply make a wish and it will be granted - Cortina is like Aladdin’s magic lamp.

A sauna at 2.046 meter above sea level set in stunning scenery? Sure.

A hot tub with views over the 5 Towers? Sure.

Your “I do” on a horse-drawn sled? Why not?

Because Cortina is a dream and in dreams, anything is possible: driving on ice with an ex champion, the excitement of seeing sunrise at high altitude. Dinner with a few friends in a cable car suspended over the valley, or flying over the rocky, golden colored Dolomites in a heli-tour.

A fine location for many films among which "007 – For Your Eyes Only" with Roger Moore, or Cliffhanger with Silvester Stallone; The Pink Panther with David Niven and Peter Sellers; Von Ryan’s Express with Frank Sinatra; The Bear the Jean-Jacques Annaud film; Ladyhawke with Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer and The Great Silence with Jean-Louis Trintignant. As well as all the Italian films nade there such as Vittorio de Sica’s Lovers; Triple Bed with classic comics Totò and Peppino, Count Max with Alberto Sordi, Winter Halidays; A Cyclone in the Family, Fantozzi in Paradise, and Christmas Holidays.

A top location for advertising films from Telefonia Mobile TIM to Cioccolato Movi.


A great pass-time in Cortina is shopping between one ski slope and the other in winter; in summer after a long mountain walk on the Dolomites or a full day’s relaxation.

The ultra fashionable, central Cooperativa in Cortina offers an infinite range of highly sought-after objects and the pedestrian area of Cortina boasts over 200 boutiques

The craftsmen’s workshops are perfect for the curious: the artistic working of wood for furnishing purposes, wrought iron, copper and glass, intarsio and musica, sculpture in wood and professional photography. The local production of stoves in majolica, similar to the Tyrolean Kachelofen is uber famous.

Our Top Tips for your shopping :

  • tirolean clothing: Ghedina Zuccaro in the city center
  • local product food & cheese: La Latteria di Cortina located  in Via Marangoni, 1
  • bakery & patisserie: Panificio Alverà in the centre for the special local bread 
  • fashion clothes & shooes : Mauro Guerresco right in the city center 
  • special gift & souvenir: Art House in the city center

Cortina is also famous for its restaurants and night life: cafés, pastry shops, wine bars and beer gardens, more than 54 restaurants without counting the mountain refuges at altitude which make Cortina a paradise for lovers of fine food and entertainment. Piano bars and discos traditionally animate nights in Cortina.

Nobody can visit Cortina without enjoying the golden polenta served with just about everything, from cheese from the mountain farms called malga, to the meats and game in sauces or simply roast, as well as the lake trout or wild mushrooms so beloved of the locals. Home-made pasta make for mouthwatering starters and home-made pastries are not to be overlooked. Accompanying fine wines and grappas served straight or with woodland berries are a must.

The cooking in the Ampezzana valley is somewhat similar to that in Tyrol and shows the strong connection with western Austria. The famous dishes called chenedi (balls of grated bread with speck and salami or cheese served in hot broth or with melted butter) casunziei, (ravioli in a half moon shape filled with beetroot and served with melted butter and poppy seed), ipestariei, small pieces of white flour pasta and water cooked in boiling salted milk which was in ancient tradition the Ampezzana valley’s typical breakfast. Game stews served with traditional redcurrant and the famous potatoes called patate all'ampezzana. Among the exquisite desserts: apple strudel, fartaies, a ricotta cheese tart, doughnuts and “nighele”.

Our Top Tips for lunch or dinner:

  • Ristorante Tivoli 1 * Michelin:  chef Graziano Prest will guide you through a gorgeous Culinary Experiences. Fantastic the dessert and with wine list
  • Ristorante Ospitale: the Family Alverà is taking care for the guests. Local cuisine is a must. Not to be missed the  special  "casunziei rossi all'ampezzana" 
  • Ristorante Villa Oretta:  Piero Bocus is the master of the house and will  amaze you with the delicious mix of "cicchetti alla veneziana" 
  • Ristorante Baita Fraina: chef Alessandro, co owner, proposes local specialties with a touch of  innovation
  • Ristorante El Camineto: the owners Romeo & Orietta Melon are taking care for every single details. The panoramic terrace is fantastic at lunch. Not to be missed the famous "spaghetti alla cipolla"
Culture & Folklore

Cortina d'Ampezzo has preserved many of its ancient traditions which today are still an essential part of everyday life. The territory which is wisely administered by the Regole d'Ampezzo or the Ampezzo Rules (going back to 1225) have an important function which is no less significant today. The Ciasa de ra Regoles today is the home of the Mario Rimoldi Museum of Modern Art. The architecture is quite charming.

Music also has an important part in Ampezzo life: the choir is called the Coro Cortina; The Musical corps of Cortina or the Corpo musicale di Cortina d'Ampezzo, founded in 1861; The "Regina Defensionis" vocal group, La Schola Cantorum which for over 122 anni has served the parish church and the Associazione Dino Ciani which boasts the co-operation and support of great artistes such as Jeffrey Swann.

Apart from Italian the local dialect is still spoken, ampezzano, a language which derives from Latin. The traditional ampezzano costume is still worn today and reveals an Alpine people still deeply attached to its traditions but also open to the influence of modern urban fashion.


The calendar of Cortina's Events is very rich. Here below the most famous:

- World Ski Cup, women- middle January
- Hockey , italian championship - in winter
- Europe Cup Snowboard cross- January
- Ice sculture - January
- Cortina Winter Polo - February
- Cortina-Dobbiaco cross country - February
- Carnival - February
- Winter race, competition of cars - February
- Cortina snow-kite contest - March
- Cortina metraggio- film - March
- Cortina-Dobbiaco, internazional mountabike run-summer
- Cortina-Dobbiaco Run - the Dolomites run - June
- Corsa dei Sestrieri d'Ampezzo - July
- Festa delle Bande - August
- Sagre dei Sestrieri d'Ampezzo - July and August
- A mouintain of books - August
- Cortina INCroda - August
- Cortina INCanta - August
- Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti - end of August
- Chrismas market - December
- Flash for Dolomiti - summer and winter

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